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About RecipeArchive.com

Our Mission

Recipe archive has one main focus: making it as easy and fast as possible for you to find, view, and understand the perfect recipes. We have stripped down all the frivolous extras and concentrated on building an extensive, quality archive of recipes. The archive is searchable via a simple and an enhanced search engine to guide you to the best choice. To make your recipe search even more successful, we offer these features for each recipe:
  • cross-linked dictionary of cooking terms
  • e-mailing of recipes
  • ratings by other users
  • 'best of' lists for every category
  • nutritional information
  • scaling of ingredients
  • various templates for viewing
  • 'remembering' favorite recipes

This page is divided into three sections:

  1. Read about our sister site Cafe Creosote

  2. Learn how to contribute your own recipes, cooking dictionary definitions, and recipe templates to RecipeArchive.com

  3. Interested in advertising at this site? Read about the different options and pricing.

Cafe Creosote

RecipeArchive.com is an offspring of Cafe Creosote - a cooking super site where you can find much more than just recipes. We realize that you are probably looking for a recipe if you come to our site. That's why we created RecipeArchive.com. Cafe Creosote is much larger and offers the following additional features (among others):
  • national farmers' market listings
  • a guide to cooking
  • book and magazine reviews
  • active recipe and food discussion boards
  • seasonal features and articles
  • reviews & sources of gourmet mail order foods

How To Contribute

We welcome and value your effort to contribute to this site. There are many ways in which you can share your knowledge and experience with other users:
  • Ratings: The quickest and most immediate way of contributing is to come back and rate a recipe after you have tried it. Other users will benefit from your feedback.
  • Recipes: Have a recipe you want to contribute? Have a few hundred? Send them to us! Include as many pictures as possible. Naturally, you will receive credit for each contribution and your name will appear every time someone views the recipe. It is easiest for to import recipes that are stored in MasterCook format, but any kind of text-based format will be fine, too.
  • Cooking Dictionary Terms: We know that our dictionary of cooking terms is not complete. Help us! If you find that our dictionary is missing a term, e-mail it to us and we will be happy to include it and give you proper credit.
  • Recipe Templates: Hopefully, you have noticed how you can use different templates to view our recipes. Have some HTML experience? Prefer to see your recipes displayed a certain way? Feel free to send us an HTML page (complete w/ images) of a sample recipe. We will do our best to integrate the template into our site. This would be a great way for current and aspiring designers to advertise because every time someone uses your template to view a recipe, your name will appear in the credits.


Are you looking to advertise on our site? With respect to our users and our effort to make this site as efficient as possible, we only place one standard banner (468 x 60) at the top of each page. You can purchase banner advertisement space based on the following pricing schedule:

Min. Commitment*1

Max. Commitment*1


10 25 $15
25 50 $13
50 100 $12
100+ Let's talk!
*1 in multiples of 1,000 views
*2 CPM = cost per 1,000 banner views

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