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Top Ten Recipes From Category By Highest Rating

1. Toasted Coconut Macadamia Cake - 4.6818 rating - 44 votes - 20336 views
This cake from the Epicurious website sounded really tempting despite the so-so reviews from viewers. Many thought it was nothing special and expensive to make. Well, now that my curiousity is over, I...; Calories: 444; Time: 117 min.
2. Grilled Beef Salad - 4.5417 rating - 48 votes - 24559 views
This refreshing summer salad is a meal in itself. Its reminiscent of the Italian chopped salad but done in a Southwestern style. ...; Calories: 879; Time: 152 min.
3. Hashway - 4.5099 rating - 202 votes - 27497 views
This is my mom's version of Hashway, an arabic rice stuffing, usually stuffed into poultry. I hated this dish while growing up, but I was not in the norm. Everyone loves it, even those who don't usual...; Calories: 709; Time: 35 min.
4. Tabbouleh - 4.4054 rating - 185 votes - 36403 views
This is a Middle-Eastern salad made primarily of parsley and just a BIT of bulgur wheat. In the U.S., I always see wheat salads, with a hint of parsley, trying to be passed off as tabbouleh. They migh...; Calories: 264; Time: 45 min.
5. Apple Tart with Marzipan Crumble - 4.3065 rating - 199 votes - 40933 views
This is a nice change from plain apple pie. The marzipan crumble adds a new dimension, buttery, crunchy, nutty. Yummy! This recipe is perfect around the holidays. ...; Calories: 511; Time: 225 min.
6. Crepes With Pudding Filling - 4.2797 rating - 118 votes - 24629 views
Don't let the length of the ingredients list fool you. This recipe is very easy to make. For an even easier treat, use your favorite instant pudding. ...; Calories: 276; Time: 100 min.
7. Hearty Brown Bread - 4.1563 rating - 64 votes - 29830 views
This recipe is based on one I found on the back of the "Vital Wheat Gluten" box. Wheat Gluten is the natural protein derived from wheat. Basically, it is the wheat flower without the starch. It is sup...; Calories: 1428; Time: 175 min.
8. Balsamic Honey Dressing - 3.9597 rating - 124 votes - 31104 views
This slightly sweet dressing has become an all-purpose mainstay in our household. Its a simple and refreshing way to dress up a variety of greens....; Calories: 41; Time: 5 min.
9. Tiramisu Yule Log - 3.9432 rating - 405 votes - 56765 views
Liking the idea of a Yule Log (or buche de Noel) for the holidays, but not the traditional flavors, we decided to create this version. The sponge roll is slightly soaked with strong coffee, filled and...; Calories: 380; Time: 87 min.
10. French Vanilla Ice Milk - 3.8878 rating - 196 votes - 20230 views
This recipe is from Butter Busters by Pam Mycoskie. The nutrition info per sugar serving is as follows: 132 calories, 0.2g fat (2%), 2mg cholesterol, 0g fiber, 6g protein, 26g carbohydrate, 94mg sodi...; Calories: 154; Time: 20 min.

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