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1. Almost Cherry Garcia Cookies
Inspired by Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia ice cream, this buttery cookie offers the tang of chewy, dried sour cherries, along with chunks of white and dark chocolate. Macadamia nuts are optional but t...; Calories: 137; Time: 45 min.
2. Apple Brie Braid
The sweet apples and brown sugar are nicely balanced with the fresh dough and Brie. This great bread couldn't be any easier since it uses premade bread dough (found in the freezer section of most groc...; Calories: 2771; Time: 155 min.
3. Apple Brown Betty
I got this recipe from Martha Stewart's What to Have For Dinner Cookbook. The Brown Betty uses ingredients that most people have readily on hand, and is really simple to make. You just have to remembe...; Calories: 299; Time: 60 min.
4. Apple Cheese Bread
Eat this homey quick bread with cream cheese, butter, or jam. ...; Calories: 173; Time: 80 min.
5. Apple Cranberry Crumb Tart
This is a sophisticated twist on an American classic. I like the buttery cookie crust much better than that of traditional pie pastry. The cranberries add a little zing to the homey taste of the apple...; Calories: 535; Time: 140 min.
6. Apple Pie with Caramel Topping
While doing a search (on dejanews) for apple pie with caramel, I came across two recipes I really wanted to try: this one (from Better Homes & Gardens)) and Caramel Crunch Apple Pie. This one was more...; Calories: 409; Time: 85 min.
7. Apple Pie with Streusel
There are so many variations of apple pie out there, but this simple one is one of my favorites. A plain, buttery crust with a hint of lemon zest, a slightly thickened apple filling, and a nutty, crun...; Calories: 482; Time: 145 min.
8. Apple, Bacon, Cheddar Pancakes
These sweet and savory pancakes are a nice change from the usual breakfast fare. The salty bacon is nicely offset by the tartness of the apples (I use Granny Smith apples). ...; Calories: 394; Time: 30 min.
9. Autumn Soup
This is a great low fat soup for the fall season. If you are unfamiliar with butternut squash, its more akin to pumpkin rather than other squashes (zucchini, yellow squash). The other root vegetables ...; Calories: 131; Time: 60 min.
10. Avocado Grapefruit Salad
This winter salad plays on the contrasts in both flavor and texture of the avocado and grapefruit. The deep fried garnish complicates things a bit; however, I always skip that unless its a special occ...; Calories: n.a.; Time: 15 min.
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