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1. Banana Caramel Tart
A cookie crust, warm bananas, crunchy macadamias, and warm caramel sauce make this simple dessert irresistible! It was based upon a recipe from the Union Square Cafe cookbook. ...; Calories: 521; Time: 100 min.
2. Banana Cream Cake
This is a variation of the Cream Cheese Cake, but with banana flavored cake and fresh banana slices. ...; Calories: 402; Time: 150 min.
3. Banana Cream Cheese layer Cake
You don't have to add the sliced bananas, if you don't want. I didn't have any the day we made it, so I just sprinkled some coarsely chopped walnuts. This is a nice cake, but it still doesn't measure ...; Calories: 636; Time: 100 min.
4. Banana Crunch Cake
This recipe was the $25,000 winner in the Pillsbury Bake-Off contest in 1973. It was created by Bonnie Brooks of Maryland. ...; Calories: n.a.; Time: 80 min.
5. Banana Meringue Pudding
This is a low fat version of an American classic. I ran out of vanilla wafers and used chocolate wafers as well....; Calories: 377; Time: 75 min.
6. Banana Nut Rolls
This sweet version of spring rolls are from Wolfgang Puck's Obachine restaurant in Beverly Hills. Although they are a bit of a fuss to make, you can make it easier for yourself by buying the caramel s...; Calories: 328; Time: 40 min.
7. Banana Raspberry Frozen Yogurt
This low calorie dessert is a great way to get rid of bananas as they begin to over-ripen. The freezing time (above) will vary from ice-cream freezer to ice-cream freezer. ...; Calories: 142; Time: 70 min.
8. Banana Rum Pancakes
Rompope is a Mexican vanilla-rum liqueur. To substitute Rompope liqueur use 1 1/2 oz. dark rum and 1 oz. vanilla flavor. ...; Calories: 569; Time: 20 min.
9. Banana Walnut Chocolate Chip Scones
Scones are a type of quick bread that is said to have taken its name from the Stone of Destiny, where Scottish kings were once crowned. The original triangular-shaped scone was made with oats and grid...; Calories: 245; Time: 40 min.
10. Banana Walnut Pancakes with Blueberry Sauce
The banana flavored pancakes and their walnut crunch, topped with fresh blueberry sauce and a dollop of sour cream are a nice variation on your ordinary pancakes. The sauce is also delicious over ice-...; Calories: 449; Time: 35 min.
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