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1. Breakfast Polenta with Mascarpone
This recipe comes from Roger Hayot of the Authentic Cafe in Los Angeles. Its a easy to prepare breakfast perfect for a winter day. However, don't (as I did) expect a devilishly sweet treat (the mascar...; Calories: 340; Time: 18 min.
2. Chocolate Cherry Granola
I created this recipe out of necessity. I don't really like many of the commercial granolas out there. Cafe Fanny Granola is pretty good, but can be expensive and isn't sold everywhere. Of course, the...; Calories: 365; Time: 55 min.
3. Gorgonzola Grits
This is basically just lowfat grits with some Gorgonzola thrown in. ...; Calories: 237; Time: 10 min.
4. Oatmeal
I think the key to good oatmeal is the oats you use. You need steel cut oats like McCann's Finest oatmeal (available in most American supermarkets), none of those flat rolled instant oats. Also, it ma...; Calories: 357; Time: 40 min.
5. Polo Lounge House-Made Granola
Try well-stocked supermarkets or health food stores for wheat germ and lecithin. ...; Calories: 405; Time: 75 min.
6. Rice Krispies Treats
This traditional American treat couldn't be easier to make. I know the recipe is practically on the back of every Rice Krispies box (where I got it from), but I just wanted to have it in my files. You...; Calories: 78; Time: 10 min.
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