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1. Chinese Chicken Salad
This is one of my favorite salads. It tastes so good, you wouldn't even suspect its lowfat. wonton wrappers (or skins) can be found in the deli or produce section of most supermarkets. If you want to...; Calories: 390; Time: 45 min.
2. General Tsao's Chicken
This is as inauthentic as Chinese recipes come. However, it seems to be a big hit with many American taste buds, whom erroneously think it is Chinese....; Calories: 946; Time: 40 min.
3. Ginger Black Bean Pasta
Angel hair pasta works best with this dish. If you like, add chicken or shrimp to the sauce for a heartier dinner. ...; Calories: 854; Time: 60 min.
4. Kung Pao Noodles
This Americanized version of Kung Pao chicken is wonderful. A few things to watch out for: the spiciness (I already reduced the amount of red chili paste from the original recipe, but you might want t...; Calories: 589; Time: 40 min.
5. Lowfat Kung Pao Chicken
This dish is a great week night dish to make for those pressed for time. The measure of spices in this recipe make fore a medium hot dish, which of course, can be adjusted for a more mild or fiery dis...; Calories: 495; Time: 30 min.
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