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1. Baileys' Tiramisu
This lowfat version of Tiramisu has an Irish Cream flavor. However, you can substitute a few other flavors (Amaretto, Kahlua, Grand Marnier) to give it that interesting kick. ...; Calories: 158; Time: 140 min.
2. Bon Appetits Favorite Tiramisu
Bon Appetit magazine calls this "Our Favorite Tiramisu" (at least it was, as of March 1990). Although traditionalists might balk at the use of cream cheese (instead of Mascarpone) and pound cake (inst...; Calories: 363; Time: 145 min.
3. CPK's Tiramisu
I have so many Tiramisu recipes on the site because I am always looking for the definitive one. Well, I can stop looking now, this recipe from the California Pizza Kitchen chain is IT. Although, its a...; Calories: 937; Time: 100 min.
4. Espresso Macadamia Nut Cookies
For any serious choco-holic, these cookies are the ultimate drug to feed their addiction. Their consistency borders on that of a brownie. They are very dense and filled with patches of pure chocolate....; Calories: 872; Time: 60 min.
5. Frozen Tiramisu
Strangely enough, I based this dessert on a recipe in Cosmopolitan magazine. They made the dessert with regular ice cream and without the cream cheese mixture, which I felt added the needed tiramisu f...; Calories: 300; Time: 20 min.
6. Lowfat Tiramisu
I've seen quite a few lowfat versions of this popular dessert. Like most of them, this one is a "plan ahead". You have to wait hours for the yogurt to drain and for the dessert itself to meld together...; Calories: 343; Time: 20 min.
7. Mocha Chip Cookies
This is based upon a recipe for Mocha Dreams I found in the May/June 1994 issue of Chocolatier. It was featured as one of their 10 best chocolate recipes of the past ten years. I added espresso powder...; Calories: 382; Time: 87 min.
8. Mocha Pudding
This pudding is a snap to make. Don't be turned off by the soy milk in this recipe. It gives the pudding a nice texture and it tastes very similar to milk. Besides, the nutritional benefits of soy ...; Calories: 262; Time: 190 min.
9. Tiramisu
This is an Americanized version of the Italian classic. Traditionally, the dessert is made with airy light ladyfingers instead of pound cake and a marsala based custard. I think the dense pound cake m...; Calories: 630; Time: 20 min.
10. Tiramisu Yule Log
Liking the idea of a Yule Log (or buche de Noel) for the holidays, but not the traditional flavors, we decided to create this version. The sponge roll is slightly soaked with strong coffee, filled and...; Calories: n.a.; Time: 87 min.
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