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1. Almond Biscotti
Biscotti means "twice baked" in Italian, which is how these cookies are prepared. They are first baked in a log form, then they are sliced and baked again. This makes them extremely crunchy and great ...; Calories: 136; Time: 50 min.
2. Almond Cookies
For a richer version of these macaroon like cookies, substitute the flour with more blanched almonds. ...; Calories: 85; Time: 28 min.
3. Almond Crescents
I got this recipe from the LA Times. It was submitted by Lois Marx of Los Angeles who says this was one of her grandmother's favorite cookie recipes, which she always made during the holiday season. S...; Calories: 66; Time: 45 min.
4. Almost Cherry Garcia Cookies
Inspired by Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia ice cream, this buttery cookie offers the tang of chewy, dried sour cherries, along with chunks of white and dark chocolate. Macadamia nuts are optional but t...; Calories: 137; Time: 45 min.
5. Anzac Biscuits
Anzac biscuits get their name because soldiers in the Australian and New Zealand Army Corp during World War I loved to eat them. They taste like crunchy, tropical cookies. Simple but good. ...; Calories: 95; Time: 28 min.
6. Baklava
Baklava (also known as baklawa) is a popular pastry that takes on many forms, depending on which part of the eastern Mediterranean you are in. However, the basic idea (buttery, flaky pastry dough with...; Calories: 252; Time: 80 min.
7. Basbousa
Basbousa is an Egyptian sweet reminiscent of a dense cake saturated with syrup. Other versions of Basbousa include Nammurra (Lebanese) and Hareesa (Palestinian). Cream of wheat can be substituted for ...; Calories: 279; Time: 55 min.
8. Caramel Pecan Bars
This is a very rich bar loaded with pecans, caramel, and chocolate chips. The same dough provides the cookie crust and the crumbly topping. ...; Calories: n.a.; Time: 137 min.
9. Choco-Chocolate Cookies
These lowfat cookies are an excellent fix for chocoholics. The chewy, intensely flavored cookie dough (thanks to the unsweetened chocolate powder and melted chocolate) studded with chocolate chips wil...; Calories: 76; Time: 30 min.
10. Chocolate Almond Sandwiches
These cookies are a must for chocoholics. The intense chocolate flavors and their macaroon-like texture makes even just one, a satisfying treat. These cookies are one of my husband's favorites. I base...; Calories: 170; Time: 40 min.
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