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1. Blueberry Crisp Pie
This unusual dessert was inspired by the Blueberry Crumble Pie (which was a cross between a pie and a crumble). This version is somewhere between a pie and a crisp. The blueberry, sour cream, and brow...; Calories: 378; Time: 80 min.
2. Blueberry Crumble Pie
This is really gooey and messy to serve (so you might just want to make it for family). The recipe is really simple (hastened by the pre-made crust)....; Calories: 283; Time: 135 min.
3. Breakfast Cobbler
This Sunset supplement recipe is an easy "special" breakfast to make on short notice. Add a scoop of frozen yogurt, and it also doubles as dessert. ...; Calories: 400; Time: 90 min.
4. Cranberry Apple Crisp
This is an easy dessert, great for winter nights. If you don't like the crisp so saucy, feel free to play around with the amount of flour in the fruit mixture. Also, depending on the sweetness of the ...; Calories: 260; Time: 55 min.
5. Macadamia Apple Crisp
This is an easy and lowfat dessert, great for winter nights. If you like, serve with frozen yogurt or ice cream. ...; Calories: 200; Time: 50 min.
6. Strawberry Cobbler
This is a low-fat version made with yogurt, egg whites, and margarine. The cobbler topping can be accompanied with many different fruit fillings. Be sure to adjust the amount of flour (or other thicke...; Calories: 209; Time: 45 min.
7. Strawberry Crisp
This is a great way to use up a fresh batch of strawberries. Of course, you can substitute frozen berries (but it won't taste quite as good). ...; Calories: 309; Time: 40 min.
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