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1. Almond Cake
The almond, orange, and chocolate flavors make this cake reminiscent of those old time traditional European cakes. ...; Calories: 537; Time: 70 min.
2. Hungarian Cheesecake
This Hungarian style cheesecake is made with cottage cheese and filled with raisins and pineapple. ...; Calories: 352; Time: 95 min.
3. Kolachy
Kolachy are an Eastern European pastry treat made from a basic sweet roll dough and filled with a jam. You can use prune jam or any of your favorites instead of the apricot jam (as in the recipe below...; Calories: n.a.; Time: 165 min.
4. Lowfat Cherry Blintzes
I like to make the filling and sauce beforehand, so I can eat the crepes fresh. Some people like to fill the crepe and then let it simmer in the sauce to heat through. I admit that this latter method ...; Calories: 336; Time: 25 min.
5. Muesli
You can substitute milk for the yogurt or add a flavored yogurt. Also, this traditional European breakfast is high in fiber and it should come as no surprise that it aids the digestive system. This is...; Calories: 354; Time: 20 min.
6. Rouladen
This recipe is from my mother in law, Monika. Its an authentic German dish that goes great with Rotkraut and boiled potatoes. Rouladen are stuffed meat rolls a hearty taste due to the bacon filling. ...; Calories: 631; Time: 120 min.
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