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1. Caponata
This recipe is from the cookbook James McNair Cooks Italian. A caponata is an eggplant relish with a taste tantalizing sweet and sour flavor. I usually have it on bread as a sandwich or on pasta. You ...; Calories: 237; Time: 60 min.
2. Eggplant Biriani
Since this recipe is spice intensive, be sure to use quality spices. Or else the dish ends up tasting chalky. Top the biriani with vegetarian curry. ...; Calories: 333; Time: 70 min.
3. Eggplant Parmesan
Traditional eggplant Parmesan is usually swimming in oil; this lightened up version is a lot healthier and just as good. The key is slicing the eggplant thin enough so it cooks through (or increasing ...; Calories: 203; Time: 60 min.
4. Mousakka Pasta
This untraditional rendition of the Greek classic includes a pasta layer to turn it into a complete meal. Although some of you might balk at putting potatoes and pasta in the same casserole; it actual...; Calories: 730; Time: 140 min.
5. Pastitsio
Pastitsio is a a baked Greek casserole dish consisting of pasta, ground beef or lamb, grated cheese, tomatoes, seasonings (including cinnamon) and a white sauce. This is my version of it. ...; Calories: 493; Time: 70 min.
6. Vegetable Biryani
While this biryani has a hefty serving of vegetables and tastes decent, it didn't taste very authentic and seemed like quite a bit of work in relation to the final result. Next time, I would probably ...; Calories: 457; Time: 175 min.
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