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1. Almond Crescents
I got this recipe from the LA Times. It was submitted by Lois Marx of Los Angeles who says this was one of her grandmother's favorite cookie recipes, which she always made during the holiday season. S...; Calories: 66; Time: 45 min.
2. Apple Pancakes
This recipe was based on one I found in a German cookbook. I thought it would be one of those puffy oven baked ones; it turned out to be a layered pan fried one (pancake layer/ apple layer/ pancake la...; Calories: 340; Time: 25 min.
3. Apple Strudel
This is a low-fat version of the classic German dessert. Using butter flavored cooking spray as opposed to real butter helps curb the calories. ...; Calories: 159; Time: 20 min.
4. Apple Tart with Marzipan Crumble
This is a nice change from plain apple pie. The marzipan crumble adds a new dimension, buttery, crunchy, nutty. Yummy! This recipe is perfect around the holidays. ...; Calories: 511; Time: 225 min.
5. Caraway Pork with Cabbage
The pork, cabbage, and caraway complement each other nicely to bring out a traditional German flavor. ...; Calories: 505; Time: 75 min.
6. Chicken Paprikash
This low fat, quick take on an Eastern European dish goes great with noodles (as the recipe below suggests) or knoedel (as pictured above). Knoedel are a German potato dumpling. ...; Calories: 296; Time: 15 min.
7. Creamed Chicken Noodles
This recipe from Joan Lunden's Healthy cooking is a great way to enjoy creamy noodles without all the fat and calories. I like the creamy chicken over spaetzle too. ...; Calories: 421; Time: 25 min.
8. German Lentil Soup
This is a hearty, filling soup, great for winter nights. ...; Calories: 200; Time: 65 min.
9. German Pasta
This is a quick (and weird) pasta sidedish. It tastes like rotkraut with noodles in it. I thought it was just OK, but my husband liked it. On the up side, its low in fat and high in fiber. ...; Calories: 163; Time: 15 min.
10. Hearty Brown Bread
This recipe is based on one I found on the back of the "Vital Wheat Gluten" box. Wheat Gluten is the natural protein derived from wheat. Basically, it is the wheat flower without the starch. It is sup...; Calories: 1428; Time: 175 min.
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