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1. Baklava
Baklava (also known as baklawa) is a popular pastry that takes on many forms, depending on which part of the eastern Mediterranean you are in. However, the basic idea (buttery, flaky pastry dough with...; Calories: 252; Time: 80 min.
2. Fried Halloumi
If you haven't tried Halloumi cheese, then you're in for a treat. This Cypriot goat-milk cheese has a very distinct flavor that is only made better by frying it. It does not melt, so you could even ba...; Calories: n.a.; Time: 7 min.
3. Greek Grilled Cheese
This is just a variation of a basic grilled cheese sandwich. Cucumbers and olives also go with the sandwich. ...; Calories: 736; Time: 15 min.
4. Greek Pasta
The meat and white sauce layers echo a classic lasagna, but the sweet spices and the feta cheese add a distinct Greek twist. For a bolder Greek flavor add some oregano. ...; Calories: 457; Time: 75 min.
5. Greek Pasta Salad
This is basically a Greek salad (without lettuce) on top of pasta. If you like garnish with pine nuts. ...; Calories: 349; Time: 45 min.
6. Greek Salad
Greek Salad has always been one of my favorites. Be sure to use quality Kalamata olives and real Feta cheese. Traditionally, the salad is supposed to have red onion. In the picture, I have used sala...; Calories: 194; Time: 20 min.
7. Kalamata Olive Bread
This is a long, plan ahead, lots of things can go wrong type of recipe. Oh, but when they go right. AMAZING BREAD! Those of you who have eaten the Kalamata Olive Bread from Bread & Cie in San Diego kn...; Calories: 1546; Time: 65 min.
8. Mousakka Pasta
This untraditional rendition of the Greek classic includes a pasta layer to turn it into a complete meal. Although some of you might balk at putting potatoes and pasta in the same casserole; it actual...; Calories: 730; Time: 140 min.
9. Pastitsio
Pastitsio is a a baked Greek casserole dish consisting of pasta, ground beef or lamb, grated cheese, tomatoes, seasonings (including cinnamon) and a white sauce. This is my version of it. ...; Calories: 493; Time: 70 min.
10. Tzatziki
This Middle Eastern appetizer works best with a really thick yogurt. If I can't find one off the shelf I usually strain the yogurt to drain some of the water. Tzatziki can be eaten as an appetizer wit...; Calories: 74; Time: 5 min.
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