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1. Gorgonzola Burgers
Adding burghul to the beef mixture, lightens up these burgers. ...; Calories: 388; Time: 55 min.
2. Hamburger Pie
This casserole dish is extremely convenient to make, especially because you can make most of it ahead of time. Perfect for busy parents who just want to heat up dinner right before eating. While the p...; Calories: 275; Time: 65 min.
3. Kafta Mishwi
Kafta Mishwi is a Middle Eastern barbecued meat patty. Its delicious served with pita bread, some hummus, tomatoes and chopped lettuce. ...; Calories: 192; Time: 30 min.
4. Middle Eastern Meatball Sandwiches
Even though, I am not much of a meat eater, I LOVE these. Even though the MasterCook calculations (below) put the percent of calories of fat at 49%, the original recipe (from New Dieter's Cookbook) sa...; Calories: 397; Time: 30 min.
5. Patty Melt
This is basically a scaled down hamburger meets a grilled cheese sandwich. Try this American classic goes great with some onion rings or French fries. ...; Calories: 540; Time: 30 min.
6. Southwestern Mini-burgers
These are great as appetizers or as sandwiches for kids. I like to use Rockenwagner's (Santa Monica restaurant/ bakery) rolls, but you can use your favorite bread. Serve these with chili fries. Omit t...; Calories: 190; Time: 30 min.
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