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1. Blueberry Ricotta Ice Cream
This refreshing ice cream is low in fat. Although, fresh blueberries are ideal, frozen ones will do (and they'll quicken the freezing process). You might want to taste the ice cream mixture for sweetn...; Calories: 170; Time: 70 min.
2. Crepes Banana Foster
These go great with some Macadamia Brittle Haagen Dazs. Be sure to use firm bananas for the sauce. ...; Calories: 738; Time: 20 min.
3. Gelato
To make peach gelato, just add 2 cups of peach puree to the cooled custard (before refrigeration). If the ice cream is REALLY hard, pour it into a food processor and process until it its light and fl...; Calories: 522; Time: 265 min.
4. Marzipan Ice Cream
This unusual ice-cream has a German influence. The marzipan lends a slight almond flavor to this creamy treat. Serve plain, with fruit, or a favorite sauce. If you can't find vanilla beans or they're ...; Calories: 459; Time: 65 min.
5. Strawberry Cheesecake Ice-Cream
This frozen dessert tastes like frozen strawberry cheesecake. If you want to take it a step further, add some crushed graham crackers to the mix. ...; Calories: 259; Time: 140 min.
6. Super Rich Cheesecake Ice Cream
This is super delicious, super rich, and super caloric. ...; Calories: 465; Time: 260 min.
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