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1. Black Pepper Chicken Curry
This recipe is so easy and yet so tasty. Perfect for a weeknight dinner. Its also a great recipe to play around with (add vegetables, use meat instead of chicken, peanuts instead of cashews, etc.). ...; Calories: 571; Time: 80 min.
2. Butter Chicken
This is like tandoori chicken in gravy. ...; Calories: n.a.; Time: 40 min.
3. Cauliflower Curry
This recipe from the LA Times Top Ten Recipes 2000 makes an easy weeknight dinner. Serve it over rice. ...; Calories: 250; Time: 25 min.
4. Chicken Curry
This great one pot dinner was featured in Bon Appetit, January 1999. About 40minutes of the cooking time are just waiting and stewing. Note that the calories below do not reflect the optional addition...; Calories: 455; Time: 70 min.
5. Creamy Indian Lentils
This filling vegetarian meal couldn't be any simpler to make. ...; Calories: 293; Time: 75 min.
6. Curried Chicken Couscous
While this isn't an authentic Middle Eastern couscous dish, it makes for a quick, healthy weeknight dinner. If couscous isn't a pantry staple in your home, try it with rice. ...; Calories: 415; Time: 20 min.
7. Curried Chicken Moghlai
Don't be intimidated by the long list of ingredients. They are mostly spices that you spoon and add in. However, if most of these aren't in your pantry be prepared to spend some $$$$. Many of these sp...; Calories: 611; Time: 105 min.
8. Curried Chicken Salad
This refreshing salad comes from Joan Lunden's Healthy cooking. You can use papaya or pineapple instead of mango. Sometimes I like to stir in a teaspoon of mango chutney in the yogurt mayonnaise mixtu...; Calories: 453; Time: 15 min.
9. Curried Chickpeas
This is an easy, lowfat, all vegetarian meal....; Calories: 374; Time: 20 min.
10. Eggplant Biriani
Since this recipe is spice intensive, be sure to use quality spices. Or else the dish ends up tasting chalky. Top the biriani with vegetarian curry. ...; Calories: 333; Time: 70 min.
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