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1. Almond Biscotti
Biscotti means "twice baked" in Italian, which is how these cookies are prepared. They are first baked in a log form, then they are sliced and baked again. This makes them extremely crunchy and great ...; Calories: 136; Time: 50 min.
2. Baileys' Tiramisu
This lowfat version of Tiramisu has an Irish Cream flavor. However, you can substitute a few other flavors (Amaretto, Kahlua, Grand Marnier) to give it that interesting kick. ...; Calories: 158; Time: 140 min.
3. Baked Apples with Spiced Ricotta and Maple Syrup
This is a great last-minute dessert for the fall. Its basically a lightened up version of Martha Stewart's Baked Apples with Spiced Ricotta and Maple Syrup (Living February 1996). ...; Calories: 362; Time: 65 min.
4. Baked Penne with Spicy Sausage
This is a pretty straightforward recipe for a hearty, robust dinner that's low in fat (24% of calories are from fat). If you want to cut the fat even further by using a chicken sausage, just remember ...; Calories: n.a.; Time: 60 min.
5. Baked Ziti
This Americanized version of baked pasta lends itself to swift preparation. Its also pretty tasty and low in fat. ...; Calories: 372; Time: 70 min.
6. Balsamic Chicken
The original recipe for this dish called for a small amount of raisins, but I think its great as is. Be sure to flatten the chicken well; otherwise, the outer coating will burn while you are trying t...; Calories: 372; Time: 30 min.
7. Balsamic Honey Dressing
This slightly sweet dressing has become an all-purpose mainstay in our household. Its a simple and refreshing way to dress up a variety of greens....; Calories: 41; Time: 5 min.
8. Basil Pepper Cream Pasta
The basil and red bell pepper flavors are so pronounced in this pasta dish; you won't miss any of the fat in the creamless "cream sauce". Even though the recipe calls for chicken, chicken sausage or n...; Calories: 460; Time: 30 min.
9. Beef Meatballs
I like this lowfat version of meatballs much better than most traditional renditions. Although the meatballs taste great with the sauce, you can definitely mix and match. The meatballs would go great ...; Calories: n.a.; Time: 65 min.
10. Bon Appetits Favorite Tiramisu
Bon Appetit magazine calls this "Our Favorite Tiramisu" (at least it was, as of March 1990). Although traditionalists might balk at the use of cream cheese (instead of Mascarpone) and pound cake (inst...; Calories: 363; Time: 145 min.
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