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1. Almond Crescents
I got this recipe from the LA Times. It was submitted by Lois Marx of Los Angeles who says this was one of her grandmother's favorite cookie recipes, which she always made during the holiday season. S...; Calories: 66; Time: 45 min.
2. Arabic Dressing
This light and tangy dressing is a cinch to make. Use it to dress simple fresh salads like greens with tomatoes and cucumbers....; Calories: 109; Time: 5 min.
3. Balsamic Honey Dressing
This slightly sweet dressing has become an all-purpose mainstay in our household. Its a simple and refreshing way to dress up a variety of greens....; Calories: 41; Time: 5 min.
4. Berry Goat Cheese Ramekins
Serve the ramekins with some salad and crusty bread. I found the blackberries a bit too sour, even though the goat cheese was supposed to balance that out. Maybe I'll try this with raspberries next ti...; Calories: 197; Time: 23 min.
5. Braciole
People started requesting Braciole recipes after Debra Romano (a character on the popular sitcom "Everybody Loves Raymond") prepared it for her husband. ...; Calories: 441; Time: 20 min.
6. Brie and Mango Quesadillas
The mango in this recipe can be replaced by any tangy fruit like papaya, grape, or citrus. Also, if you prefer make a salsa out of these fruits and serve on top of the quesadillas. Either way, you'll ...; Calories: 72; Time: 20 min.
7. Brie Baked in Phyllo
This elegant appetizer is so simple to make and has many just as simple variations. You can top it with a variety of chutney or preserves. You could also halve the Brie wheel (before wrapping it) and ...; Calories: 178; Time: 35 min.
8. Chicken Kabobs
If you like, alternate vegetable pieces with the chicken chunks on these Middle Eastern style kabobs (this will make the dish lower in fat). Bell pepper, squash, cherry tomatoes, and onions are good c...; Calories: 338; Time: 55 min.
9. Chicken Mole
Mole is a spicy, rich Mexican sauce consisting of nuts, seeds, spices, chocolate, and peppers. This is a modified low fat version. Serve this dish with rice. ...; Calories: 201; Time: 20 min.
10. Chipotle Chicken
This recipe was based on a similar one with turkey cutlets from one of my first lowfat cookbooks: Betty Crocker's Eat & Lose Weight. Its a great book for both someone who is just starting to learn to ...; Calories: 187; Time: 15 min.
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