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1. Apricot Rice Pilaf
This fragrant and sweet rice pilaf makes a good side dish for Middle Eastern foods. If you are in a hurry substitute white for the brown rice. ...; Calories: 417; Time: 70 min.
2. Berry Goat Cheese Ramekins
Serve the ramekins with some salad and crusty bread. I found the blackberries a bit too sour, even though the goat cheese was supposed to balance that out. Maybe I'll try this with raspberries next ti...; Calories: 197; Time: 23 min.
3. Breadcrumb Penne w/ veggies
This unusual way to serve pasta, was inspired by a kitchen full of leftover ingredients. Although, its filling enough as a main meal, I would keep the portions small and serve it as a side dish. Its a...; Calories: 634; Time: 30 min.
4. Broccoli Cheese Pie
The original recipe calls for a mix of broccoli, cauliflower, and onion, but any mix of those vegetables (i.e. just broccoli) or others (like baby carrots) will do. ...; Calories: 202; Time: 50 min.
5. Caponata
This recipe is from the cookbook James McNair Cooks Italian. A caponata is an eggplant relish with a taste tantalizing sweet and sour flavor. I usually have it on bread as a sandwich or on pasta. You ...; Calories: 237; Time: 60 min.
6. Caramelized Onion, Fig, and Blue Cheese Strudel
This divine combination is also lowfat. It makes a great appetizer or served with a soup or salad, a small supper. ...; Calories: 281; Time: 95 min.
7. Chili with Cornbread Topping
This vegetarian chili is a snap to make since most of the ingredients are canned. You can make the chili just by itself and its still pretty darn good; but, you can make it extra special by serving it...; Calories: n.a.; Time: 90 min.
8. Chipotle Tortilla Soup
This spicy Mexican soup was featured in the LA times' "Best of 1999". ...; Calories: 358; Time: 25 min.
9. Coconut Black Beans
These delicious black beans are wonderful over white rice. The exotic flavor comes from the combination of the jalapenos, honey, and coconut milk. If you want to cut fat and calories substitute lite c...; Calories: 301; Time: 75 min.
10. Creamy Indian Lentils
This filling vegetarian meal couldn't be any simpler to make. ...; Calories: 293; Time: 75 min.
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