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1. Apricot Rice Pilaf
This fragrant and sweet rice pilaf makes a good side dish for Middle Eastern foods. If you are in a hurry substitute white for the brown rice. ...; Calories: 417; Time: 70 min.
2. Arabic Dressing
This light and tangy dressing is a cinch to make. Use it to dress simple fresh salads like greens with tomatoes and cucumbers....; Calories: 109; Time: 5 min.
3. Arabic Ice Cream
Arabic ice cream (bouzat haleeb) is a totally different experience from the rich American ice creams. Its quite light and gummy in texture. It actually stretches a bit as you spoon it. Mistika (Arabic...; Calories: 196; Time: 80 min.
4. Authentic Hummus
Although, some cooks swear by this method of making hummus, I find this recipe (which uses dried garbanzos as opposed to the more convenient canned) only marginally better. It makes for a creamier pas...; Calories: 130; Time: 10 min.
5. Baked Kafta
Kafta is a Middle Eastern type hamburger mixture. When it is baked and topped with saucy potatoes it becomes an everyday homestyle Arabic meatloaf. The one hit or miss with this recipe is the potatoes...; Calories: 388; Time: 65 min.
6. Baklava
Baklava (also known as baklawa) is a popular pastry that takes on many forms, depending on which part of the eastern Mediterranean you are in. However, the basic idea (buttery, flaky pastry dough with...; Calories: 252; Time: 80 min.
7. Basbousa
Basbousa is an Egyptian sweet reminiscent of a dense cake saturated with syrup. Other versions of Basbousa include Nammurra (Lebanese) and Hareesa (Palestinian). Cream of wheat can be substituted for ...; Calories: 279; Time: 55 min.
8. Chicken Kabobs
If you like, alternate vegetable pieces with the chicken chunks on these Middle Eastern style kabobs (this will make the dish lower in fat). Bell pepper, squash, cherry tomatoes, and onions are good c...; Calories: 338; Time: 55 min.
9. Curried Chicken Couscous
While this isn't an authentic Middle Eastern couscous dish, it makes for a quick, healthy weeknight dinner. If couscous isn't a pantry staple in your home, try it with rice. ...; Calories: 415; Time: 20 min.
10. Easy Chicken Couscous
This is an easier, quicker version of the North African staple, but just as tasty. If you can get your hands on some, serve this dish with harissa. ...; Calories: 798; Time: 60 min.
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