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1. Baked Penne with Spicy Sausage
This is a pretty straightforward recipe for a hearty, robust dinner that's low in fat (24% of calories are from fat). If you want to cut the fat even further by using a chicken sausage, just remember ...; Calories: n.a.; Time: 60 min.
2. Chicken Tetrazzini
This creamy chicken/ noodle casserole from Eating Well October 1997 is really convenient for a weeknight dinner. ...; Calories: 359; Time: 60 min.
3. Chicken with Mushrooms
This recipe from Bon Appetit is very simple and easy. I thought it needed something to make it more rich tasting (cream perhaps), but many of the readers on the Bon Appetit website disagreed with me. ...; Calories: 416; Time: 40 min.
4. Cream of Mushroom Soup
This rich and heavy soup can be a meal in itself (just double the serving). When I can, I try to use a variety of mushrooms for a varied, interesting flavor. However, plain button mushrooms are great ...; Calories: 244; Time: 45 min.
5. Creamed Chicken Noodles
This recipe from Joan Lunden's Healthy cooking is a great way to enjoy creamy noodles without all the fat and calories. I like the creamy chicken over spaetzle too. ...; Calories: 421; Time: 25 min.
6. Creamy Beef & Onions
This is like a poor man's stroganoff: cheaper, quicker, (and less fat). ...; Calories: 661; Time: 25 min.
7. Deep Dish Pizza
The dough is almost shaped into a deep bowl of sorts, allowing you to pile up those toppings. Salami, mushroom, onion, bell pepper, and olives are merely suggestions; top the pizza with whatever you l...; Calories: 612; Time: 184 min.
8. Mushroom Barley Soup
This version of mushroom barley soup is so easy to prepare, tastes great, and only has 1 gram of fat. ...; Calories: 134; Time: 90 min.
9. Mushroom Chicken Sausage Chowder
This version of the cheddar chicken chowder is made with mushrooms and chicken sausage. Portabellas work well here. ...; Calories: 218; Time: 45 min.
10. Mushroom, Beer, and Brie Fondue
This sophisticated fondue goes well with bite size pieces of bread, potatoes, asparagus (and other vegetables), and chicken. ...; Calories: 279; Time: 35 min.
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