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1. Caramel Sauce
This is the best recipe for "real" caramel sauce (burning real sugar as opposed to just melting some cramels in cream), I have come across. It takes a little practice to perfect timing the sugar, so ...; Calories: 166; Time: 15 min.
2. Cranberry-Ginger Chutney
This recipe was submitted by M.K. Kim, was originally published in Bon Appetit in December 1992. Kimís notes: Iím not a big chutney fan, but I love this recipe! Several members of my family said ...; Calories: 244; Time: 10 min.
3. Diabetic Hot Chili Sauce
This recipe is from viewer Graham Lubin. This sauce has a white rather than red head heat. Chili heads will know what I mean. I noticed that many proprietary chili sauces contain sugar, mollasses etc....; Calories: n.a.; Time: 0 min.
4. Four Pepper Salsa
This fiery salsa offers 4 different kinds of pepper: crushed red pepper, poblano peppers, bell pepper, and jalapeno. There are so many varieties of chile peppers out there, you might want to experimen...; Calories: 27; Time: 20 min.
5. Greek Grilled Cheese
This is just a variation of a basic grilled cheese sandwich. Cucumbers and olives also go with the sandwich. ...; Calories: 736; Time: 15 min.
6. Hot Fudge Sauce
This sauce is meant to go with ice-cream, but it can also be drizzled over cakes or fruits. The use of unsweetened chocolate and cocoa powder give it an "adult" taste. (don't think kids would go for i...; Calories: 110; Time: 10 min.
7. Jerk Rub
This is great way to season chicken and meats. Just slather the rub on the meat/ chicken for at least 2 hours before grilling. Also, use some leftover rub to baste while grilling. Be careful cutting...; Calories: 27; Time: 10 min.
8. Mango Jalapeno salsa
This goes great with grilled meats. ...; Calories: 116; Time: 10 min.
9. Pesto Sauce
This is great with pasta or in sandwiches. This is not the traditional pesto, which has far more oil. ...; Calories: 66; Time: 10 min.
10. Raspberry Mustard Sauce
This sauce is a refreshing topper for grilled meats....; Calories: 85; Time: 10 min.
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