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1. Hummus
This Middle Eastern dip is mainly served as an appetizer, accompanied by pita bread. It can also be served as a side dish to a main meal. Garbanzo beans can be found in most supermarkets. They are som...; Calories: 476; Time: 10 min.
2. Labneh
This Middle Eastern "yogurt cheese" (also known as as kefir cheese) is a daily staple in most Arab households. It is usually eaten with pita bread and zaatar (see also Manakeesh). The final quality of...; Calories: 2231; Time: 10 min.
3. Roasted Garlic
This a really simple appetizer to make. If you haven't had roasted garlic before, you'll be amazed how roasting makes the pungent garlic into a buttery, mellow spread. I like it best spread on fresh b...; Calories: 12; Time: 45 min.
4. Tricolor Vegetable Pate
The vegetable pate makes a nice appetizer for entertaining guests. To ensure that the the pate unmolds successfully, be sure to refrigerate overnight and fill your mold to the top. ...; Calories: 290; Time: 30 min.
5. Tuscan Hummus
This twist on the traditional Middle Eastern appetizer was inspired by something we ate at the California Pizza Kitchen. The basic difference between this and traditional hummus is that we used cannel...; Calories: 206; Time: 10 min.
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