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1. Almond Peach Yogurt
The almond flavor is a natural complement for peaches. Peeling the peaches may prove to be a bit tedious. Many cookbooks advise blanching them quickly in hot water to make it easier. I find cleaning t...; Calories: 206; Time: 70 min.
2. Banana Raspberry Frozen Yogurt
This low calorie dessert is a great way to get rid of bananas as they begin to over-ripen. The freezing time (above) will vary from ice-cream freezer to ice-cream freezer. ...; Calories: 142; Time: 70 min.
3. Banana-Nut Ice Milk
This is one of the best tasting ice-milks I have come across. Use a really ripe banana to get an intense flavor. As an added treat (and slightly added calories) candy the walnuts before adding them to...; Calories: 321; Time: 75 min.
4. Bananas Foster Sundaes
There's not too much work involved in this low fat refreshing treat! you can also serve the banana "ice cream" with raspberry or chocolate sauce, or even as part of an ice cream sandwich. ...; Calories: 204; Time: 15 min.
5. Broiled Peaches With Creme fraiche
This is a perfect light dessert to end a summer meal. The key to its success is picking out peaches that are ripe (for maximum flavor and sweetness) but still retain their firmness. The nutrition in...; Calories: 147; Time: 20 min.
6. Caesar Chicken Pasta Salad
This couldn't be any easier to make. Just make sure you use a good dressing (or make your own) and fresh produce ...; Calories: 579; Time: 20 min.
7. Caramel Peanut Butter Frozen Yogurt
I had my hesitations about the caramel/ peanut butter flavor combination, but they went together surprisingly well. ...; Calories: 504; Time: 15 min.
8. Cherry Cream Pie
This delicious cream pie is from James McNair's "Pie Cookbook". Its basically a cherry filled custard poured into a prebaked pie shell. Simple but good. Bing or Queen Anne cherries are recommended, bu...; Calories: 430; Time: 49 min.
9. Creamy Lemon Asparagus Pasta
This makes a nice, light summer supper....; Calories: 423; Time: 30 min.
10. Cucumber Avocado Soup
While this recipe from Bon Appetit was refreshing, it was also quite bland. Things I would try next time (if there is one), include adding more avocado and hot sauce. ...; Calories: 151; Time: 70 min.
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