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1. Apple Brown Betty
I got this recipe from Martha Stewart's What to Have For Dinner Cookbook. The Brown Betty uses ingredients that most people have readily on hand, and is really simple to make. You just have to remembe...; Calories: 299; Time: 60 min.
2. Apple Custard Tart
This lowfat tart has the best of both worlds warm baked apples and a "creamy" custard. ...; Calories: 219; Time: 117 min.
3. Apple Fritters
Nothing beats deep fried dough, except maybe deep fried dough with fresh apples in it. I like to use Granny Smith apples. You can also sprinkle these with cinnamon and sugar and serve alongside ice-cr...; Calories: n.a.; Time: 80 min.
4. Apple Pie with Caramel Topping
While doing a search (on dejanews) for apple pie with caramel, I came across two recipes I really wanted to try: this one (from Better Homes & Gardens)) and Caramel Crunch Apple Pie. This one was more...; Calories: 409; Time: 85 min.
5. Apple Pie with Streusel
There are so many variations of apple pie out there, but this simple one is one of my favorites. A plain, buttery crust with a hint of lemon zest, a slightly thickened apple filling, and a nutty, crun...; Calories: 482; Time: 145 min.
6. Apple Strudel
This is a low-fat version of the classic German dessert. Using butter flavored cooking spray as opposed to real butter helps curb the calories. ...; Calories: 159; Time: 20 min.
7. Apple Tart with Marzipan Crumble
This is a nice change from plain apple pie. The marzipan crumble adds a new dimension, buttery, crunchy, nutty. Yummy! This recipe is perfect around the holidays. ...; Calories: 511; Time: 225 min.
8. Baked Apples with Spiced Ricotta and Maple Syrup
This is a great last-minute dessert for the fall. Its basically a lightened up version of Martha Stewart's Baked Apples with Spiced Ricotta and Maple Syrup (Living February 1996). ...; Calories: 362; Time: 65 min.
9. Baked Streusel Apple
This is a simple, elegant, and easy dessert. Braeburn and Gala apples are excellent choices, but most varieties will do. This recipe can also be adjusted for baking pears. The creme fraiche is opti...; Calories: 837; Time: 65 min.
10. Banana Caramel Tart
A cookie crust, warm bananas, crunchy macadamias, and warm caramel sauce make this simple dessert irresistible! It was based upon a recipe from the Union Square Cafe cookbook. ...; Calories: 521; Time: 100 min.
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