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1. Calypso Chicken
Although this dish is low fat, it certainly is not lacking flavor. The spiciness and tropical flavors add a tongue tantalizing taste. If you are unfamiliar with carambola and plantains ask your grocer...; Calories: 649; Time: 185 min.
2. Caribbean Black Beans
These exotically (sweet and spicy) flavored beans make a wonderful side dish. ...; Calories: 509; Time: 75 min.
3. Caribbean Salad
Fruit flavors dominate this exotic salad. ...; Calories: 743; Time: 20 min.
4. Cocodamia Chip Cookies
A tropical twist on an old-fashioned favorite. For best results, make sure that the butter and eggs are at room temperature. Also, you don't want ot overmix after adding the flour mixture. ...; Calories: 383; Time: 53 min.
5. Coconut Black Beans
These delicious black beans are wonderful over white rice. The exotic flavor comes from the combination of the jalapenos, honey, and coconut milk. If you want to cut fat and calories substitute lite c...; Calories: 301; Time: 75 min.
6. Cornmeal Crusted Chicken with Toasted Corn Salsa
This recipe appeared in the Gourmet September 1996 issue. Its really easy to make and has a nice Caribbean flavor. I almost didn't put the beets in, but they are practically tasteless and add a nice c...; Calories: 792; Time: 20 min.
7. Jamaican Chicken
This rice, bean, and seasoned chicken salad is tops. Pickapeppa sauce is a sweet and sour, mild hot pepper sauce from Jamaica. ...; Calories: 812; Time: 30 min.
8. Jambalaya Pasta
Unbelievable-- is the only way I can describe the wonderful sauce in this dish. Its spicy and sweet, full of flavor. You can get away with using just using one of the meats (chicken or sausage). ...; Calories: 567; Time: 80 min.
9. Jambalaya Pizza
This takes all the classical flavors of Jambalaya pasta and puts them on a pizza. Don't be intimidated by the long list of steps. It'll be worth it....; Calories: 714; Time: 180 min.
10. Jerk Chicken
This is a delicious, spicy way to serve chicken. I like to make a tropical salsa (like avocado, mango, jalapeno) to pass along with it. ...; Calories: 189; Time: 30 min.
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