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1. Balsamic Chicken
The original recipe for this dish called for a small amount of raisins, but I think its great as is. Be sure to flatten the chicken well; otherwise, the outer coating will burn while you are trying t...; Calories: 372; Time: 30 min.
2. Barbecue Chicken Rolls
There are so many ingredients and steps in this California Pizza Kitchen inspired recipe, but that's how you get an amazing flavor, the BBQ sauce, horseradish, sweet ingredients, spicy ingredients, an...; Calories: 441; Time: 55 min.
3. Barbecue Ranch Pasta
For a while I was addicted to the Barbecue Chicken Chopped Salad at the California Pizza Kitchen and tried to transpose the Southwestern flavors unto a variety of other dishes. This is one of the more...; Calories: 389; Time: 30 min.
4. Basil Pepper Cream Pasta
The basil and red bell pepper flavors are so pronounced in this pasta dish; you won't miss any of the fat in the creamless "cream sauce". Even though the recipe calls for chicken, chicken sausage or n...; Calories: 460; Time: 30 min.
5. BBQ Chicken Pizza
This is the designer pizza that started it all for the folks at the California Pizza Kitchen. One bite and you'll know why. My version slightly strays from the original. I used only gouda cheeses, as ...; Calories: 1451; Time: 130 min.
6. BBQ Chicken Chopped Salad
When I bought the first California Pizza Kitchen cookbook, i was so disappointed that this recipe wasn't included. Its one of my favorite dishes at the restaurant. I was very excited to see it in thei...; Calories: 1032; Time: 65 min.
7. Black Bean Chicken Salad
The dressing in this lowfat salad is quite sparse, so you might want to add this to the recipe: whisk together 1/4 cup fresh lime juice, 1 tablespoon olive oil , 1/2 teaspoon cumin, and 1/2 teaspoon s...; Calories: 541; Time: 150 min.
8. Black Pepper Chicken Curry
This recipe is so easy and yet so tasty. Perfect for a weeknight dinner. Its also a great recipe to play around with (add vegetables, use meat instead of chicken, peanuts instead of cashews, etc.). ...; Calories: 571; Time: 80 min.
9. Blackened Chicken Salad
I like to add a little crumbled goat cheese to this low fat salad to balance out the spiciness of the blackened chicken. If you don't have Spicy Seasoning, just mix up something on your own. Any combi...; Calories: 177; Time: 30 min.
10. Bourbon Chicken
This recipe can be doubled, but be sure the chicken remains in a single layer. ...; Calories: 671; Time: 105 min.
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