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1. Authentic Hummus
Although, some cooks swear by this method of making hummus, I find this recipe (which uses dried garbanzos as opposed to the more convenient canned) only marginally better. It makes for a creamier pas...; Calories: 130; Time: 10 min.
2. Baklava
Baklava (also known as baklawa) is a popular pastry that takes on many forms, depending on which part of the eastern Mediterranean you are in. However, the basic idea (buttery, flaky pastry dough with...; Calories: 252; Time: 80 min.
3. Caponata
This recipe is from the cookbook James McNair Cooks Italian. A caponata is an eggplant relish with a taste tantalizing sweet and sour flavor. I usually have it on bread as a sandwich or on pasta. You ...; Calories: 237; Time: 60 min.
4. Chicken Kabobs
If you like, alternate vegetable pieces with the chicken chunks on these Middle Eastern style kabobs (this will make the dish lower in fat). Bell pepper, squash, cherry tomatoes, and onions are good c...; Calories: 338; Time: 55 min.
5. Easy Chicken Couscous
This is an easier, quicker version of the North African staple, but just as tasty. If you can get your hands on some, serve this dish with harissa. ...; Calories: 798; Time: 60 min.
6. Fattoush
Fattoush is a middle eastern bread salad that every Arabic family seems to have a particular opinion on how it should be. I have adapted this one from my mom's recipe. Although, she likes to add pursl...; Calories: 229; Time: 25 min.
7. Feta and Pesto Grain Salad
This salad is as healthy as it sounds. I try to make a little extra pesto/ lemon juice mixture because I feel it is a little under dressed. ...; Calories: 410; Time: 50 min.
8. Greek Grilled Cheese
This is just a variation of a basic grilled cheese sandwich. Cucumbers and olives also go with the sandwich. ...; Calories: 736; Time: 15 min.
9. Greek Pasta
The meat and white sauce layers echo a classic lasagna, but the sweet spices and the feta cheese add a distinct Greek twist. For a bolder Greek flavor add some oregano. ...; Calories: 457; Time: 75 min.
10. Greek Pasta Salad
This is basically a Greek salad (without lettuce) on top of pasta. If you like garnish with pine nuts. ...; Calories: 349; Time: 45 min.
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