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1. Barbecue Pork Sandwiches
This a great low fat way to enjoy pork (only 17% of calories are from fat). I slightly modified this recipe from Eating Well's New Favorites Cookbook. ...; Calories: 413; Time: 25 min.
2. Breakfast Spedini
This is like savory French toast. It makes a great weekend breakfast or an appetizer. ...; Calories: n.a.; Time: 20 min.
3. Croque Monsieur
Croque monsieur is basically a fancy name for grilled ham and cheese. It is sometimes spread with mustard instead of butter. Some serve it with the classic white sauce, bechamel. Variations include ch...; Calories: 1134; Time: 10 min.
4. Gorgonzola Burgers
Adding burghul to the beef mixture, lightens up these burgers. ...; Calories: 388; Time: 55 min.
5. Greek Grilled Cheese
This is just a variation of a basic grilled cheese sandwich. Cucumbers and olives also go with the sandwich. ...; Calories: 736; Time: 15 min.
6. Grilled Cheese and Bacon
Simple, but comforting. Using the a gourmet, artisan style bread is a great way to make this sandwich special, but a store purchased loaf like Orowheat will be fine. Feel free to experiment with othe...; Calories: 536; Time: 15 min.
7. Grilled Cheese Sandwich
Its almost ridiculous to include a recipe for Grilled Cheese on the site. However, there was a time when I had no idea to make one and I want kids and novices to learn about cooking and how it can be ...; Calories: 248; Time: 10 min.
8. Middle Eastern Meatball Sandwiches
Even though, I am not much of a meat eater, I LOVE these. Even though the MasterCook calculations (below) put the percent of calories of fat at 49%, the original recipe (from New Dieter's Cookbook) sa...; Calories: 397; Time: 30 min.
9. Monte Cristo Sandwich
Some people deep fry these sweet and savory sandwiches, but I think they are satisfying enough just grilled over the stovetop. ...; Calories: 324; Time: 15 min.
10. Patty Melt
This is basically a scaled down hamburger meets a grilled cheese sandwich. Try this American classic goes great with some onion rings or French fries. ...; Calories: 540; Time: 30 min.
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